Our services cover the production of a broad spectrum of communications tools.

They include:

  • Writing — for e-newsletters, printed newsletters, annual reports, websites, marketing emails and campaigns. Writing also includes editing and proofreading services.
  • Graphic design — including business systems (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.), postcards, newsletters, posters, title graphics for social media ("memes"), brochures, annual reports, direct-mail pieces, annual appeals, posters and more
  • Photography — documenting the importance of community and business events by capturing photos that are real, unposed and telling
  • Social media management — researching and contributing to the conversation on trending topics related to our clients' work, monitoring the clients' social media presence and engagement



Special interests

Not-for-profit organizations

We are a staff of folks who love our families and communities, so it's natural that we enjoy working with organizations that are working hard to do good in their communities. We're especially interested in working with NFPs who serve families and children.


Arts and cultural organizations also hold a special place in the heart of our business. Theatre productions, music, art and travel are all areas we love to explore and share.

Obituary editing

We know that families want to ensure that their final tributes to loved ones who have recently died are just right. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, factual inaccuracies and misspelled names in printed obituaries only serve to frustrate families at this sensitive time.

Similarly, funeral directors want to ensure that their funeral homes are represented in a professional, detail-oriented way with every obituary that is printed. The final, permanent nature of each obituary amplifies the importance of getting each memorial tribute just right.


Read more about our obituary services.

Families who have lost children

It doesn't matter how old a child is when he or she dies, in every instance, there is a family who is grieving—long past the first weeks or months of the child's passing.


These mothers and fathers who are dealing with grief hold special places in our hearts. We desire to serve these families by creating high-quality, professionally designed, professionally printed memorial albums for their children. We also desire to do it at no cost to the parents.


Read more about Loved, Lost, Remembered, a heart project by CorComm Creative.

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Our Staff

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