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graphic designer wanted!

Graphic Designer

Overview of the Position

This PART-TIME position will be loaded with opportunities for creative-design project work. Applicant should be a confident designer with at least a basic ability to edit photos for clarity and color.

The position will involve working with a small team, including a communications director, communications manager and office manager, as well as a number of clients. The person who fills this position will be responsible for designing printed and online materials, as well as corporate identities (branding) for clients. See the Project Work and Related Requirements section below for more details.

Hours and Location

Applicant must be willing to work up to 20 hours per week, spread over the course of at least three days per week. Exact hours may be flexible, but a minimum number of client-billable hours will be required.

All hours must be completed in our office in Danville, located 20 miles west of Indianapolis. Occasionally, applicant may plan to work from home, but our company places a high value on being present together, developing a team work environment with easy access to one another when second opinions and second sets of eyes (for project reviews) are necessary.

Project Work and Related Requirements

This position will be heavily project-oriented. It will be an opportunity to dip one's creative hand into a variety of projects and turn out some great work!

Projects will include:

  • printed materials (such as brochures, newsletters, reports, infographics and more)
  • online materials (website content items, infographics, pinnable graphics for blog posts, e-books)
  • corporate identities (logo design, typeface/font usage and color standards, etc.)

Although not required for this position, the following skill sets would be an extra benefit to our company:

  • Website design. We currently do not market ourselves as website designers, but we frequently have clients who need these services. We plan to add this service as our company grows, offering the graphic designer who fills this role additional opportunities for professional growth in the future.
  • Event photography and photo editing are additional services that CorComm Creative currently provides to its clients. If the graphic-design applicant has this skill set to offer, there will be some opportunities to create in that art form, as well.

Professional Requirements

The position and its exact project requirements will be largely based upon the quality and experience of the chosen candidate. Requirements include:

  • A portfolio that includes a variety of graphic design samples.
  • Higher education in graphic design, art, communications, journalism or public relations. Bachelor's degree preferred, but other higher-education considered with applicant's demonstrated abilities.
  • A minimum of three years of design experience is preferred. However, demonstrated ability will be more important than number of years worked in the field.

Project-Related Requirements

  • A propensity to design with the goal of presenting information in a clear, visual manner.
  • Proficiency in using the Adobe Creative Suite software, especially InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Muse experience helpful, but not required.
  • Understanding of differences between image sizes and formats for print versus for web
  • At least a basic understanding of (or a desire to learn) DreamWeaver software and simple HTML code
  • Strong visual-communications skills
  • Understanding of design principles
  • Demonstrated skill in producing visually appealing, effective and powerful design, especially in an editorial capacity (newsletters, fact sheets, infographics, etc.)

Personal Requirements

  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Respect for client deadlines
  • Ability to balance competing demands
  • Willingness to accept a variety of project types
  • A sincere desire to nurture interpersonal relationships with clients
  • Ability to work well as part of a team
  • A demonstrated history for being honest, respectful, attentive to others' needs, organized and hard-working
  • Honesty and integrity conducive to a flexible work environment


** An important note! ** While this position is likely to involve work for many clients of various types, it will definitely include work for a nonpartisan, multi-cultural, multi-denominational, faith-based client that fights for social justice among people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community and other groups who traditionally face discrimination and sometimes violence. It is CRITICAL that the applicant for this position have a heart for the fair treatment of ALL humankind, an ability and desire to work with people of all faiths and backgrounds, and an ability to connect with people who are different from oneself.


Additional Requirements

  • Desire to work part-time, exclusively for CorComm Creative (without running another freelance business simultaneously)
  • Passion for making sure all details are in place

Interested in being considered?

See application details in right column.

How to apply


If you're interested in applying to be a graphic designer for CorComm Creative, please submit the following:


  • A current resume. We'll consider it a bonus if you take the time to design a resume that is truly unique to you!

  • Two design samples. Please submit two items that are not the same type of work (i.e., not two logo designs).

  • Three references (at least two of them  references who can speak about your professional qualities). Yes, we'd prefer these up front, please! While we might not contact a reference until we have had a chance to interview a candidate, we might decide that we should contact one before bringing someone in for that interview. Thank you for providing these at the application stage.


Submit your application materials:

  • by email: Corie (at)
  • by post:
    CorComm Creative
    Attn: Corie Farnsley
    4 W. Main St.
    Danville, IN 46122


Philosophy Behind our Working Arrangement

(A note from our owner, Corie Farnsley)

This is a part-time position, but it is a fully professional one. I expect our new hire to have a strong work ethic, be committed to professional ethics and have a desire to do her or his best work.

Those applying for this position must WANT to work part-time. Candidates who plan to immediately or continually looking for a "real," full-time job while employed by CorComm Creative should not apply.

If the applicant plans to hold another job simultaneously, that job should not be for another company providing communications, writing, graphic design or website services.

A working parent is ideal for this position, as is a professional with other desires and commitments outside of work.

As a working mother myself, I understand that parenthood must sometimes trump the working world. Kids get sick. Appointments must sometimes be scheduled at less-than-ideal times. Field-trip chaperoning opportunities occur on regularly scheduled work days.

That's all understandable! And we'll work around those commitments. Flexible scheduling is one of the best things about working here.

However, it is also important for me to be able to count on my staff to be available and committed to working a minimum number of hours per week. Ideally, one will work a predictable schedule in the office, with occasional exceptions.

In addition, I require a certain number of documented billable hours per week.

Productivity, passion and work ethic are essential. If you fit the bill, please apply!

I thank you for considering this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you!


Position posted April 24, 2017.



CorComm Creative, LLC

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Our Staff

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