You've planned every detail of an important event, and now you want to capture every minute of it.

Capturing and producing quality photos involves more than having "a good camera" and a little Photoshop or Lightroom know-how.

True, it requires special skill in getting camera settings right on the fly, using only available light, not studio lighting or harsh flashes.

But it also requires a keen eye that can recognize, appreciate and capture moments as quickly as they happen.

It requires a passion for capturing authenticity — not posed portraits, but real life — the true experiences of an event as it unfolds before your eyes.

When you've planned an event and want to capture it "on film," you need a photographer who has been trained to see life through the lens and mindset of a photojournalist, not a portrait photographer.


Our photographer, Corie Farnsley, has a bachelor's degree in journalism with an emphasis on photojournalism from Indiana University Bloomington. More than that, though, her long-standing passion for photographing life has resulted in a persistent habit of taking more than 10,000 photos a year — not including those she shoots for clients.

She would love to document your community, sporting, family or business event from the perspective of a journalist with a passion for life. Contact Corie if you'd like to learn more.

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