About CorComm Creative

We're not your typical creative agency.

We are a small team of professional communicators who are focused on meeting a specific need for business professionals: Production of high-quality communications tools that promote businesses and share the good works of not-for-profit organizations.

We're not a typical public relations or marketing firm that specializes in high-level, high-cost strategy and only offers the production work as a costly add-on service.

Rather, we're experienced, professional, well-rounded communicators who are ready to step in and produce what other professionals need, whether it be an e-newsletter, a promotional poster or a photographic documentation of an important event.

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Kirsten Simon

Office Manager


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Our clients are as varied as the tools we produce for them.

They include:

  • Other professional communicators who have too many projects on their to-do lists and not enough time to complete them. (Sound like you? Learn more.)
  • Not-for-profit executives with small budgets and small staffs (which might or might not include communications professionals) and big missions to fulfill. (Maybe this is you? Learn more.)
  • Owners or managers of businesses of all sizes (You? Learn more.)
  • Occasionally individuals who have specific design or event photography needs.

Our location is convenient.

We are based in Danville, Ind., located just west of Indianapolis in central Indiana. We are able to serve English-speaking clients in any location, worldwide.

Our (small and mighty) team

Corie Farnsley

Owner and Communications Director


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Melissa Brown

Communications Manager


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CorComm Creative, LLC

4 W. Main St.

Danville, IN 46122

(317) 946-6640

Our Staff

Corie Farnsley, Owner & Communications Director (about Corie)

Melissa Brown, Communications Manager (about Melissa)

Kirsten Simon, Office Manager (about Kirsten)


Part-time Communications Associate. Learn more.